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PR training

My years of experience as a PR practitioner has led to the development of a wealth of knowledge, much of it learned ‘on the job’, that I’m now able to package and deliver as practical training courses for those new to communications. Please view the list below for examples of the courses I can provide, and please contact me if you have particular requirements, as I can design courses to suit almost any situation.

Communications planning

For those new to communications planning I can provide training in an easy to use, practical process that will result in a targeted communications plan structured around business objectives.

Internal communications

There are tools and processes that work particularly well for internal communications. I can provide basic training for those new to an internal communications role, which can include selecting the right tools for the right audience, how to manage announcements and how to encourage feedback from employees.

Basic media relations

This course is appropriate for those new to media relations. It provides advice on how to identify relevant media outlets, how to introduce an organisation to them and how the different media types operate.

Newsletter creation

I provide basic training on how to create a newsletter from scratch, including deciding on the right design, how to research, interview for and write stories, how to plan the design and how to edit and review the copy.


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Kirsten Parrish, Public Relations Consultant